50 Shots Mix feat. Ryan-O'Neil

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Released: 4/27/2008

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Nobody should be above the law.

I think most of us are fortunate enough to admit that the police force here in America are, at worst, a nuisance. While I believe it's irresponsible to paint all police officers with the same brush, I'm also incredulous of the verdict in the Sean Bell case which was announced just this past Friday. Only three of the officers present at the scene were charged, and all three were acquitted. I am aware of the fact that some of the prosecution's witnesses were less than reliable, but the bottom line here is that FIFTY shots were fired, no gun was found near Sean or his friends, and no one has accepted responsibility for killing him the night before his wedding. While some may be trying to turn this into a race issue, the main issue here is abuse of power. Excessive force was used and no one is culpable. Sure sounds like a police state to me.

I can't speak for everyone, but that's not my idea of freedom in America. My parents warned me often to exercise and appreciate my rights as a citizen, because they left a police state in Romania to raise me where I had a chance of flourishing. If you truly believe that justice will continue to be respected here as long as you watch your TV, discuss today's newspaper over coffee with friends, and stay "aware of the issues," then you are retarded. Congratulations. Don't be surprised when this happens to someone you care about. This mix is is dedicated to the memory of Sean Bell and the idea that the police are supposed to protect and serve, not shoot and kill.


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