Brenner's Breaks Volume 2

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Album, 16 Tracks

Released: 8/8/2008

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This is what happens in 2008 when you realize the last video game system you owned was Sega Genesis. True heads get the reference. Others think this artwork sucks. You're all missing the point anyway... have you heard these tracks? New material from the Drum Attix crew along with support from Count Bass D and Prince Po, with tons of guest DJs cutting shit up and remixes including Masta Ace, De La Soul, and Lil Wayne! Bonkers.

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1 I'm Back
2 In This Mother (feat. Prince Po & It's Overture)
3 Long Island And Jersey (feat. Sirah & Hicoup)
4 Jeep Ass N***a Remix (feat. Masta Ace)
5 Urban Alternatives (feat. El Keter)
6 NYC Burn Remix (feat. Ryan-O'Neil)
7 The Initials D.B. (feat. Hicoup)
8 So High (feat. Tense)
9 Mighty Healthy Remix (feat. Ghostface Killah & DJ Far East)
10 Lord Have Mercy (feat. Kerosene, Count Bass D, Ryan-O'Neil & DJ Scallywag)
11 Where Da Cash At Remix (feat. DJ Eleven, Currency, Lil Wayne & Remy Ma)
12 Buck Em (feat. Hicoup & J-iLL)
13 My Favorite Ladies Remix (feat. MF Doom)
14 Pound For Pound
15 Stakes Is High (feat. De La Soul)
16 ???????