Winter Skank Mix

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Released: 12/19/2009

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Like walking in glue.

That's how Lee Perry once described the motion of the skank. Hear the sounds that first inspired the dance in this ska mix. Once again, two turntables and an echo loop.


Don Drummond - Corner Stone
Jackie Opel - You're Too Bad
The Maytals - John James
Lee Perry & The Soulettes - Rub And Squeeze
The Skatalites - Beardman Ska
The Wailers & The Skatalites - One Love Version
The Skatalites - Christine Keeler
The Skatalites - Magic Star
Monty & The Cyclones - Silky
Ernest Soul & The Brentford Disco Set - Pick Them Up
Derrick Morgan - Leave Earth
Dudley Sibley - Having A Party